We divide life into specific seasons, and each one brings its own financial plan.




Your Life. Your Calendar 

We see every “season” of life as a different stage where you can build your financial calendar so that you can do all the things that you always wanted to do in life (dream of doing in life) . At J M Brown Financial Partners we divide life into specific seasons, and each one brings its own financial planning issues. In the same way that nature has its seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter; in planning for your financial future you should think of Foundation, Accumulation, Retirement and Legacy––As your trusted advisor, we will be there helping you plan for each season of your life, so you can accomplish your short and long term financial milestones.

Live Life on your terms!

J M Brown Financial Partners is an independent Wealth Management firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with clients in multiple states.  We understand that the biggest challenge when preparing for a sound financial future is  knowing what to do. We created our firm to help take the mystery out of planning or what we call your perfect financial calendar. Financial planning is an evolving process that changes with the different stages in life.


Whether your goal is preparing to save for your children’s college education, retirement and/or estate planning, our personalized approach focuses on your needs, wants,  financial goals and objectives. By planning for your future, you will get closer to attaining what we have termed the “perfect calendar” – which simply means “living life on your own terms.” Our team of professionals have years of experience in the financial services industry. We strive to help you address your needs of today and for many years to come and look forward to working with you through every season of your life.


The spring season is the foundation stage which starts in the early productive years of one’s life. As a young adult starts working and taking the first steps towards learning and establishing goals about budget, expenses, building an emergency fund and savings. During the spring season you start laying the “foundation” for a sound financial future by steadily saving and investing. As your trusted advisor, we work with you to help build the financial framework so you can stand in a solid foundation to attain your financial goals for the future.


The summer season is the time to focus on accumulating, growing and protecting your assets as you plan for the future. During this stage, it is very important to take full advantage of your employer’s retirement plan and maximize returns on investment accounts. This is the time to review your tolerance for risk and minimize tax liabilities and unnecessary financial setbacks and have the proper insurance coverage on your assets and loved ones. As your trusted advisor, we will work with you to design the right strategies to address your specific needs and objectives. We will help you stay on the right track to attain your financial goals.


In the fall season in life, knowing how to maximize your lifetime savings and when and what percentage to withdraw from your retirement and savings accounts can be confusing. People are living longer and as your financial advisor we work with you to make sure that your life savings and financial plan are on track to provide a steady income stream that will last your lifetime. We will work with you to make sure that you maximize your Social Security and Medicare benefits.


As people are living longer, so your financial plan and life savings must provide you with a reliable income stream for the remainder of your retirement years. Whether your goal is to create a legacy for your heirs or your favorite charity, as your trusted financial advisor, we continue to work with you to make sure that your financial plan is still servicing your needs and objectives.

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